High quality dental tourism

Thousands of people are heading to Crete for their vacation. Many patients from all over Europe and Russia come to Crete seeking fast but high quality dental care. In our clinic in Hersonissos, we use the latest technology and the best materials to provide our patients with top dental treatment in a very short time. However, we can also provide great savings on all dental services since our prices are considerably lower than many other European countries, such as Germany, Switzerland, Holland, England, Ireland, France, Italy or Russia. Moreover, at Hersonissos Dental Care we can arrange patients' transportation from their hotel directly to our clinic and return.

Why choose Hersonissos Dental Care for your dental vacations

      1. Top trained dental, assisting and biotech personnel. The head dentist of our clinic, Nikos Valais DDS, has personally chosen each member of Hersonissos Dental Care personnel, combining both experience and "fresh eyes,” so as to create a very efficient dental team that can provide you with top quality dental treatment.

      2. We use the best quality dental and biotech materials and instruments. That includes full ceramic, metal fused to porcelain, post and core, and Zirconium prosthetic restorations, using the CAD/CAM technique which gives perfect aesthetic, biocompatible and functional results.

      3.  All our equipment is thoroughly sterilized after every session - sterilization and infection control is our priority!

      4. We guarantee to have the lowest prices you will find compared withthe majority of the Eurozone countries.

      5. Aesthetic and prosthetic treatment using materials and techniques of the highest quality, whilst maintaining consistently lower prices.

      6. Beautiful location. Hersonissos Dental Care is situated in the famous cosmopolitan tourist resort of Hersonissos, on the north-east side of the prefecture of Heraklion.

      7. Top quality whitening procedures. We offer the opportunity to visit us during your holidays and whiten your teeth in one visit.

      8. Professionalism. Our dental personnel, in line withthe Hippocratic oath, will make a treatment plan based on your needs and NOT on our profit.

      9. Transportation. We also take care of all your transfers, both from your hotel to the clinic and back again.

      10. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all emergency cases, so we are always available to treat you anytime, should something like this happen.