When we go on holidays in a foreign country it is very important to know where to find dental services "in case something happens". We are delighted to let you know that the doctors and staff of Hersonissos Dental Care are available 24/7 during your holidays on our beautiful island, in order to deal with all of the different types of dental emergencies.

We have been treating such emergencies since 2000, dealing with hundreds of patients every summer.

Our primary goal is to alleviate any acute symptoms you may have, such us pain, bleeding, fractured (broken) teeth, problems with prosthetic appliances etc, so that you  can continue to enjoy the holidays. Moreover, if time and oral conditions allow, we are able to offer a complete treatment in order to eliminate the cause of the symptoms completely.

After all, when you visit beautiful Crete, you should be able to enjoy your days here undisturbed !